Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cracker Topper - Soopuh Quick Appetizer

A troop of friends coming over in short notice ? And you don't have anything jazzy at home to  serve as appetizers ? Don't panic and don't worry, here is an ace up your sleeve for such situations - Cracker Topper. They are perfect for any party, regardless of the number of guests, or even as snacks to go with your cup of tea. Crispy base with a creamy cheese & tomato topping is divine. Not only does it look attractive, these quick bites are satiating too. 

I have used crackers with garlic & herb flavor but you could use normal flavor or even Monaco biscuits. I like to add Parmesan cheese to sour-cream as it gives the perfect flavor & texture to the smooth & creamy sour-cream but you could use the cheese easily available to you. Adding chili sauce not only adds a tinge of spice but also gives that slight orangish color which compliments this dish. 

12-15 Crackers 
1 tomato finely chopped
few coriander leaves for garnishing. 
salt and pepper to taste
Topping Ingredients: 
2 tbsp finely chopped onions (I used spring onions)
1 tbsp of coriander finely chopped
1 heaped tbsp sour-cream
2-3 tbsp shredded Parmesan cheese 
1 tbsp of hot chili sauce
Salt a pepper to taste


To make Topping :
 In a bowl combine all the ingredients mentioned under "Topping Ingredients" together & mix well. You can make this ahead of time & store in refrigerator for up to a day or two. 

To Assemble the Appetizer:

  • Arrange the crackers on the serving plate. 
  • Add a spoonful of the Topping (or as much the cracker can hold) on the cracker. 
  • Place some finely chopped tomato pieces on the topping. 
  • Sprinkle some salt & pepper over the tomatoes & finally top it with a coriander leaf as garnish.

Tip:Assemble these appetizers just 5-10 mins ahead of serving to retain the crunchiness of the base. 

That's it, our Attractive, Soopuk easy Cracker Topper Appetizers are ready. Keep the batches coming!!
Happy Snacking!!

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  1. Its super easy and love these small bites .. esp for a party!
    Shweta which crackers are those?? never seen the oval shaped ones?

    1. Thanks Dear :) These are Town house crackers, the best part is they have a slight natural dent too which goes perfect to hold the topping

    2. Cool, now I will go hunting for them :))

  2. Kids will love this

  3. mouth watering!! and delicious cookies with onion sour cream and chess !!

  4. these looks awesome... felt like having some :)

  5. looks very nice & kids will love this

  6. Nice shaped ones..and the topping looks extremely delectable!! Wish I could have some :)

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  7. These look so cute!! Feel like digging into them right away :)

  8. Really yummy snacks. My hubby is a great one for making such snacks!

  9. Hey nice oval shapes, not hopefull to get these at my place :-( But these crackers with toppings look catchy snacks

  10. oh my! im just so totally loving this shwetha! yum!

  11. Very attractive starters, prefect for a party menu and definitely a crowd pleaser.

  12. This looks like a great snack and dip/topping :)

  13. Fab recipe, and easy too!! Making it definitely. Bookmarking :)

  14. Shweta, you know how to keep your guests happy! Love the little ridge around the crackers to keep the topping in place.

    Keep writing...


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