Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tomato, Cucumber & Lettuce Sandwich

Tomato, Cucumber & Lettuce Sandwich is a simple recipe (I'm not even sure this can be called a recipe) but nevertheless I wanted to share it because I love it. Need anymore reason !!?? Nah... 

The sandwich requires assembling all the ingredients together & you are ready with a delicious & filling breakfast in no time. Adding lettuce helps me add greens into my meal. I have taken white sandwich bread but you could make this using wheat, whole grain or any bread of your choice. Also to make it a bit spicy, I have added some hot chili sauce.

Since we are not cooking anything no real measurements are necessary. 

Few slices of bread (as required)
1 tomato cut into thin slices
1 cucumber peeled & cut into thin slices
few lettuce leaves (am using mix springs)
Butter(as required)
Green chutney (am using Coriander-mint chutney) (as required)
Tomato Ketchup (as required)
Hot chili sauce (optional)
Chaat masala (optional)
salt & pepper to taste

  • Take your bread slices & apply some butter on it followed by green chutney to one side. 
  • Now place your lettuce on the slice to which green chutney is applied. Chutney will act as glue & help to hold the lettuce. Add as many or little as you like. 
  • Top it with two slices of tomato. Season the tomato well with salt & pepper. 
  • Now place cucumber slices all over the tomato. Sprinkle some chaat masala on the cucumber. If you don't have chaat masala just sprinkle salt & pepper to taste. 
  • Now take the other slice & apply a combination of tomato ketchup & hot chili sauce & Close the sandwich. 

That's it, our super easy & delicious Tomato, Cucumber & Lettuce Sandwich is ready. Enjoy it as snacks, breakfast or even as a light dinner with some more salad of your choice on the side. 
Happy Snacking!!

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  1. Odd as it might sound, this is one of my favourite sandwiches. Sometimes I like to put a bit of cheese spread on one side or a hung yogurt mix. I haven't had white bread in like 10,000 years - jealous I am

  2. Perfect and tasty one...

  3. light dinner option which will go well with a soup bowl...

  4. Healthy breakfast...looks delicious...

  5. Healthy , fresh and delicious!! This can work for any meal!

  6. Healthy,simple and definitely a super filling sandwich,just love it.

  7. lovely blog you have here. this sandwich here is something I can live on. fresh and delicious.

  8. Delicious sandwich. Healthy and perfect.

  9. Yum!! That looks like a tasty, tummy filling & healthy one!!

  10. Shweta, how simply delicious. Your photos are wonderful and make me hungry for a tomato, lettuce and cucumber sandwich!

    Keep writing...

  11. So simple and easy Breakfast idea..

  12. yumm.... interesting combo of chutneys and veges

  13. i have survived so many college days on chutney sandwiches.. the ccrunchy fresh veggies and a green chutney. perfect!


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