Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Watermelon Juice - Sugarless drink

With Summer at its peak, keeping yourself hydrated is vital. But if you got bored with monotony of cold water and are looking for other natural options, try Watermelon Juice. Thinking about it, watermelon is available in abundance during summers. Its nature's way of balancing the heat with this coolant fruit which contains 92% water & is naturally sweet so you need no sugar to be added to your drink. Isn't that great - some calories saved happy

Am not really a soda person & prefer the non-aerated drinks or the fruits juices over the aerated ones. When it comes to fruit juice, I prefer to keep it as natural as I can. First time when I made watermelon juice, I didn't filter it i.e. served it with the pulp after blending, although the taste was same it made the juice really thick & heavy. Next time I tried filtering the pulp & serving just the liquid. No kidding, the moment my hubby took a sip of it, he has been hooked to it. Its very refreshing & energizing, with no pesticides or artificial flavor !!  

2 cups of watermelon pieces
Juice of 1/2 lemon 
black salt to taste
some ice  cubes
1/2 cup of water

  • In a blender, add the watermelon pieces along with water & grind. 
  • Once watermelon is pureed add the ice cubes & pulse. Blend till you get a smooth puree. 
  • In a vessel filter the watermelon puree to separate the thick pulp from the liquid. 
  • To this liquid, add lemon juice & black salt. Mix. 

Tip:This juice is very easy to make & is ready in no time so my suggestion is to make this fresh always.

That's it our refreshing watermelon juice is ready. Serve chilled!! 
Stay Hydrated!!

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  1. black salt in this juice is totally different... this is my all time fav juice and i miss it here in London... thank you for your lovely comments on my posts... :) too happy dont know what to say..

  2. So refreshing, need something like this today!

  3. Healthy drink

  4. Simply delicious and refreshing watermelon drink. Also a very happy independence day to you . Jai Hind!

  5. Refreshing drink...wWnt to have now...Nice Clicks

  6. used to drink this on hot chennai summers... love ur drink

  7. very refreshing.....lovely clicks :)

  8. Beautiful and colorful drink, delicious.

  9. perfect refreshing drink for summer with no sugar..

  10. very refreshing drink.. looks so beautiful

  11. Refreshing, perfect thirst quencher...
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  12. Great idea!..nice pictures.
    Lovely blog


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