Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sevai Kheer - Vermicelli Kheer - Vermicelli Pudding

There are very few fasts that I observe and Angarika Sankashti (chathurti that falls on a Tuesday) in one of them. This fast ends at night where you prepare your meal without using any onion garlic & seal it with a sweet dish. Mom usually makes Sevai Kheer (her patent) for such occasions and I would fondly eat this in comparison to the other members of the Kheer family. Also during a recently chito chat with my MIL, she expressed her content over the quick cooking time of this dish which is so true. All in all, I finally decided to make Sevai Kheer for this auspicious occasion.

Like most members of pudding family, Sevai kheer too can be relished hot or cold. This kheer has a tendency to become thick as time progresses. So if you have make it before hand add some milk and mix to adjust the consistency. I prefer eating this Kheer thick and warm. 

For this recipe I've used condensed milk since it helps speed up the milk thickening process as well as adds to the sweetness. But you can easily make this using sugar too just simmer the the milk for longer to get thick consistency of milk like shown in my Rice Kheer recipe. Or you could use a mix of both condensed milk and sugar. 

Now to the recipe...

1/2 cup vermicelli (sevai)
2 cups of milk
1/2 can of condensed milk (around 1/2 cup) OR sugar to taste
Few almonds and raisins (or any dry-fruits of your choice)
2-3 green cardamom pods (peel & crush the seeds to powder consistency)
1 tbsp of ghee/clarified butter
few strands of saffron (optional)


  • Heat ghee in a vessel and once hot, roast the vermicelli on medium flame. Keep stirring to ensure they don't stick.  Once they turn slightly golden, remove on a plate and keep aside. 
  • In another vessel, bring milk to a boil and then add the condensed milk and crushed cardamom seeds and stir.  (Note:- if you are using only sugar and no condensed milk then add the sugar after vermicelli has cooked i.e. along with the dry fruits mentioned below)
  • Once it starts bubbling, add the roasted vermicelli and let it simmer on low-medium heat for 10 mins. 
  • In the mean while, blanch the almonds, peel the skin and chop into small pieces. Add these along with few raisins to the boiling milk and vermicelli. Allow to simmer. 
  • Add some saffron threads , stir and simmer again. 
  • Keep simmering till you get the kheer of desired consistency.  

That's it out Sevai Kheer is ready, Garnish it with more dry fruits of your choice and serve it either warm or cold. Enjoy!
Happy Cooking!!


  1. Very nice.easy and fast sweet dish.

  2. So nice and easy dessert whenever u hv sweet craving..


  3. I want this kheer piping hot in winter and chilled in summer

  4. I can have a bowl of this rich looking kheer anytime,irresistible.

  5. Looks yummy - eaten it often but never made it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


  6. Delicious Kheer shweta it favorite of mine.

  7. Delicious one my all time fav also...looks yummy

  8. This Sevai kheer is my favorite. Love the fact that it is Quick and easy to make. Awesome yummylicious click !!!

  9. Shewta, I'm headed for the supermarket to buy a few ingredients. Can't wait to make this. Love puddings!

    Keep writing...

    1. It's cooking. Is it the vermicelli that thickens the pudding? If so, I'll add more next time. Can't wait to taste, and an employee in Nature's Marketplace at our local supermarket has requested a taste, too.

    2. Hi Kathleen, yes its the vermicelli & the milk too, the more you boil the milk & condensed milk it will keep thickening. Switch of the gas & leave it to cool & there again you will find it thickening :) Thank you so much for trying. Did you like it? how was it? Did the employee in Nature's Marketplace like it too?

    3. Had a wonderful taste, Shweta. I need to work on the thickness--didn't add enough vermicelli to begin with, then tried to add more and that thickened it too much. I decided to wait until I make it again before taking it to someone :) Meanwhile, thanks for your added information.

    4. Hi Kathleen, glad you liked the taste :) As I said this pudding has a tendency to thicken so what I do is just before serving I add some milk to adjust the consistency as required. If you like it hot then heat the milk & pudding for some time else for cold version just mix the cold milk & combine well.

  10. rich and delicious dessert..

  11. Yummy yummy kheer..


  12. Hi Dear,
    Kheer looks so yum.


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