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Besan Ladoo - Besan Laddu - Sweet Chickpea Flour Balls

Wishing Everyone a Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year! 
May this festival of light bring Happiness, love, luck & prosperity!! 
Have a Safe Deepavali!

Diwali also known as festival of lights is an important festival in India. If you happen to visit India during Diwali time, you will see entire country lit with variety of lanterns & light patterns. Although a 5 day festival the preparations for this celebration starts quite in advance like a month or so. Its begins with cleaning of the house (not that the house is not cleaned on other days) but this cleaning is given special importance as its believed that Goddess Laxmi visits your home during this period to provides her blessings. After cleanliness, its time to make some homemade Diwali sweets which are then distributed & shared with near & dear ones. My granny & mom would start making this never ending list of Diwali Snacks & Sweets couple of weeks before Diwali, the list included... just to name a few Chakli, Sev, Chivda (savory mixture), Namakpare (thikat Shankarpali), Shakarpara (god shankarpali), Karanji(Gujiya), Rava Ladoo, Besan Ladoo etc. My sis & me would also play a small role like cutting the shankarpali or shaping the ladoo. It was so much fun. Mom just told me that they finished making all these sweets last week & inquired what did I make. Honestly making all this stuff requires a lot of patience which I lack to some extent, but not making any makes me feel guilty so I made just a few starting with the basic & simple Besan Ladoo (Sweet Chickpea Flour Balls)

My sis any day prefers the sweet snacks like ladoo, karanji etc but I am more with savory preference like Chakli, thikat shankarpali, Chivda.... whats your favorite Diwali Sweet/snack? Would love to know so definitely leave it in the comments. Again Wishing All a Fabulous Diwali!!

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Now to the recipe.....

Ingredients: (makes 15-20 Ladoos) 
2 cups of Ladoo Besan (chickpea flour) (its usually thicker than normal Besan)
1 & 1/2 cups of powdered sugar
1 cup of melted Ghee (clarified butter)
some green cardamoms
few raisins & Cashews (or any dry fruits of your choice)
1 tbsp of milk (optional)

In a pan dry roast the Besan for 15-20 mins on low flame or till it slightly changes color. 
Then add the ghee (1/2 cup at a time)  & keep mixing on low flame till the besan is well roasted & starts leaving ghee from the sides. Approximately 30-45 mins. 
(Depending on the type of Besan you use you may need more or less of ghee so adjust accordingly)

 Now peel the cardamom seeds & crush these into coarse powder & add to the besan. Similarly break the cashew into small chunks & add to the mixture. Mix well & allow to cool a bit. 

When the mixture is warm (not hot) add the sugar & mix well. Sprinkle some milk at the end just to fluff up the mixture. Mix well. Taking little quantity of besan mixture in hand make round balls. (try making the Ladoo's when the mixture is warm as it helps to shape the ladoo better)Using circular motion between palms keep rounding till the Ladoos are smooth. Top it with a raisin or any dry-fruit of your choice & place it on a clean dish. Continue making these for the remainder of the mixture. Allow these Ladoo's to cool & then store in airtight container. I was able to make around 18 medium sized Ladoo's. 

That's it, our nutty Besan Ladoo (Sweet Chickpea Flour Balls) are ready, enjoy these Sweets over Diwali or for any occasion of your choice. 

Happy Cooking!!


  1. I was looking fwd for this post :) after your facebook msg yummm is the word...Happy Diwali

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