Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fruit Salad - Dessert Recipe

Fruit Salad is a very simple,easy & quick to make Dessert. This is my Mom's recipe & she often made this when we were kids.  Since this recipe is very easy I was contemplating whether I should post it or not. But then thought with the festive season kicking in, parties/celebrations/get-together happening there will be need to make some fancy yet quick dessert. Fruits mixed with milk & condensed milk is my all time favorite dessert. It can be made ahead of time & stored in refrigerator till time to serve. Best part is its loved by all age-groups. 

I have used the fruits readily available for me but you can use the variety you like. Chikoo & mango give a great flavor to this dessert so would highly recommend adding these fruits if available. I prefer to keep this dessert simple (i.e. fruits simply mixed with milk & condensed milk) which helps to get the original flavors of fruits like sour, sweet, tangy all in one bite. However to jazz it a bit, you could always top it with some dry fruits or chocolate. 

Now to the recipe....

1 banana cut into bite size pieces
1 apple skin removed & cut into bite size pieces
1 orange peeled & cut into bite size pieces
few grapes cut into bite size pieces
few strawberries cut into bite size pieces
1/2 cup of cold milk
1/2 of condensed milk
cardamom powder to taste

Mix all ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Cover & refrigerate till use. 


  • Banana & apple tend to get oxidized, so cut these fruits last & immediately add them to milk & condensed milk mixture. 
  • If you prefer it sweeter, add sugar to taste. 
  • For the additional crunch, you can top it with some dry-fruits or chocolate pieces. 
  • To make it richer, you can replace milk with cream and whip it till it gets a bit frothy and add condensed milk to that followed by fruits and nuts. 

That's it, our quick to make & yummy looking Fruit Salad is ready. Serve it cold. 

Happy Holidays!!


  1. Not only a sweet n lovely post.. but love the glasses and loads of fresh fruits!

  2. Everyone's fav salad with choice of fruits

  3. perfect min-week treat :) love the bomb of fruits in them...

  4. Its tooo colorful... Yummy...

  5. Fruits salad looks gorgeous and very inviting Shweta.

    today's recipe:

  6. the image tempting me to grab that spoon and empty the bowl..Superb photograph..

  7. Wat a stunning presentation, who can resist to this droolworthy salad.

  8. The furit salad looks so scrumptious!! Loved the presentation :)

  9. wow....delicious salad dear :)beautiful clicks.

  10. Yum, sounds like a delicious addition to a holiday meal, Shweta. Who doesn't like fruit?!

  11. so yummy Shweta.. it is great way to end any meal

  12. Delicious fruit salad...nice presentation..

  13. Fruit salads are just one of those easy to make easy dessert recipes that is to be served on a hot day or somewhat kinda summer.

  14. I'm sure it tastes amazing as just it looks on the pictures! :)

    1. Thank you Rachel :) it definitely does. Super easy too. You should try it :)


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