Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Orange Granita

Granita is a frozen Italian dessert made from water, sugar and flavor of choice. Fresh fruit Granita are immensely popular but you can practically make a granita from any flavoring. Summer and citrus kind of go hand in hand for me so for this post I will be sharing my Orange Granita recipe. This dessert is very simple and easy to make and the best part is you don't need any fancy icecream machine to make it. All you will need to do is pour the liquid/juice in a pan/container and pop it in the freezer. After about every 30 mins in next 2-3 hours scrap the ice crystals using a fork and Tadaaa you will  have nice and granular granita. Isn't that easy!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Chana Dal - Split Bengal Gram Curry

Chana Dal is a North Indian style curry dish made using Split Bengal Gram (also know as split chickpea or yellow gram) as the main ingredient in onion tomato base gravy. Chana Dal (like most lentils) is a highly nutritious and a great source of proteins for vegetarians. No wonder its so popular in India and a staple ingredient in most pantries. This dal (which is actually split chickpea with skin removed) inherits the nuttier texture from Chickpeas giving the gravy a nice texture. Serve this dal with Rice/Roti/Indian Flat bread and a side of simple onion tomato salad and voila you have a comfort meal ready. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lemonade - Nimbu Pani - How to make Lemonade

Lemonade also know as Nimbu pani in India is one of the famous summer drinks all over the world. Its basically lemon flavored water sweetened with sugar. So basic and easy yet the most refreshing. Perfect to revive the parched throats during summer. With many lemonade variations having branched, this basic version is still my favorite. You definitely wont buy the ready made/store bought ones once you try this one, its that good. This lemonade stays fresh for days in refrigerator so make a big batch, sit back and enjoy every sip of this lemony drink!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sweet Lassi - Sweet Punjabi Lassi - How to make Lassi

Lassi is a extremely popular, rich and creamy Indian beverage/drink made using yogurt and water/milk. Originally from Punjab/north India this drink is now famous and available world wide. There are mainly two types - sweet and salty Lassi. Both are amazing hot weather refreshments but the sweet one is slightly heavier leaving you full for a longer time. Traditionally the lassi's are made using a wooden whisk but now a days blender does an equally great job and in less time. In Punjab/North India, lassi is usually served as a side with meal/breakfast in tall glasses. For today's post I'll be sharing the Sweet Lassi recipe but surely stay tuned for the Salty version.