Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sweet Lassi - Sweet Punjabi Lassi - How to make Lassi

Lassi is a extremely popular, rich and creamy Indian beverage/drink made using yogurt and water/milk. Originally from Punjab/north India this drink is now famous and available world wide. There are mainly two types - sweet and salty Lassi. Both are amazing hot weather refreshments but the sweet one is slightly heavier leaving you full for a longer time. Traditionally the lassi's are made using a wooden whisk but now a days blender does an equally great job and in less time. In Punjab/North India, lassi is usually served as a side with meal/breakfast in tall glasses. For today's post I'll be sharing the Sweet Lassi recipe but surely stay tuned for the Salty version.  

For this recipe, I have used my homemade whole milk yogurt and water but you can replace water with milk for a richer and creamier lassi. Now a days many variations of sweet lassi are available by adding fruit to it. Will be posting some of my favorites soon.

Now to the recipe... 

2 cups yogurts
1/2 cup water (chilled)
3 tbsp sugar (or to taste)
Pinch of cardamom powder (optional)
Ice cubes as required
Finely chopped pistachios and almonds for garnishing

In a blender blend yogurt, water, sugar and cardamom powder until smooth and frothy. If you like it extremely cold add icecubes while blending. To serve, pour in glass and garnish with some sliced pistachios and almonds. Or store it in a clean container covered in refrigerator 


  • Instead of whole milk you can also use reduced fat/low fat yogurt for this recipe
  • Water can be replaced with milk for a rich and creamy texture. Or use half quantity each.
  • The amount of water/milk can be adjusted based on the consistency desired. 
  • I would advise making this lassi fresh and serving or using it within couple of hours. If you have yogurt ready it barely takes any time to make it. 

That's it, our luscious Punjabi Lassi is ready. Serve it chilled as a hot weather refreshment or as a side with your breakfast/lunch. Enjoy!!

Stay Hydrated!! 


  1. yum lassi looks super just like a restaurant one :) those tall glasses tempt me

  2. Beautiful clicks shwetha. Lovely lassi!

  3. very clean pictures! love the post

  4. I can drink this sweet lassi anytime,even at midnite..

  5. Very pretty presentation Shweta.... I loved how simple it is. I will give this a try soon :)


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