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Rava Sheera - Sooji Halwa - Prasadacha Sheera - Semolina Pudding

Rava Sheera also known as Sooji Halwa is a very popular Indian Sweet dish. Its one of those easy sweet recipes which comes together quickly and requires only a few ingredients like Rava(Sooji/semolina), Ghee (clarified butter), Sugar, dry fruits and some cardamom powder for flavoring. You can serve this dish as dessert or even as a breakfast item. Its a usual sight to find this dish as a Prasad (blessed food which is then distributed to all) at most Pooja's (prayer to worship one or more deities). In addition to this, its also made on a number of Indian festive occasions such as Ganesh festival, Navratri, Diwali etc. If you are planning a Satyanarayan Katha Pooja at your place, this Sheera is one of the Prasad that you will need for this Pooja. 

I follow my mom's recipe blindly for this Sheera and she always says keep the basic ratio same and that way you can increase or decrease the amount of Sheera you want to make. The ratio for Rava:Ghee:Sugar:Liquid (milk OR water OR mix of both) should be 1:1:1:2. Her few more tips for getting the perfect soft, grain and lump-free Sheera are: Use mix of milk and water. Always add hot liquid to the rava mixture that way you don't slow down the cooking process. Always add the sugar last after the liquid has been absorbed. Last but not the least, to quicken the cooking process even further always have roasted rava on hand this way you save the initial 10 mins of this recipe. Proper roasting of rava is  the most important step for the texture of this recipe and to avoid getting a raw taste in your final product. 

1 cup ghee and sugar can feel a bit too much especially if you are watching your weight. So you can reduce the portions to suit you needs like you can use 1/2 to 3/4 cup of sugar depending on how sweet you like. Similarly 1/2 to 3/4 cup of ghee. The more ghee you use the more moist and soft the sheera is else it may be a bit dry. You can store the leftover Sheera in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Just heat it in a microwave and you should be able to enjoy hot and soft/fluffy sheera again. Or you can make Sanjori  out of the leftover Sheera and enjoy it for breakfast. 

Now to the recipe... 

1 cup fine Rava (sooji/semolina)
3/4 cup Ghee (Indian Clarified butter) 
1 cup milk
1 cup water
10 cashews coarsely chopped 
2 tbsp of raisins
3/4 to 1 cup sugar (or to taste)
pinch of saffron(optional)
pinch of cardamom powder

In a pan stir the rava on medium-low flame for 10 mins or until you start getting the aroma. Keep stirring intermittently and make sure not to brown the Rava. Simultaneously in another saucepan/vessel add water and milk and bring it to boil. Now add the ghee and mix again for about 5-7 mins. Make sure to roast on medium low as we don't want the Rava to brown. 

Now when Rava is ready add dry fruits and give it a good mix and roast for about a minute or until the cashews have slightly browned and raisins are puffed. Don't wait too long else the dry fruits can burn. Now turn the gas on low and slowly pour the boiled/hot milk and water mixture with one hand and keep stirring with the other hand. Once you have poured all the liquid, the mixture will looks liquidy at start and slowly the Rava will start absorbing the liquid. Keep mixing till the rava absorbs all the liquid. Now cover for 2 mins and let the Rava cook. 

Then add the sugar and cardamom powder. Increase the heat to medium low again and stir. Once you add sugar, the mixture will start releasing some water (which is actually sugar melting). Keep mixing until the mixture absorbs all this liquid. Then cover for 5 mins again. Give it a final stir and its ready. If you want to add saffron add it along with sugar or add it to the boiled milk. 

  • Make sure to roast you Rava/Sooji well. Failure to this can result in a raw taste in your halwa and improper texture. 
  • The amount of sugar and ghee can be adjusted as per taste and preference. 
  • I prefer to add only cashews and raisins as dry fruits to this sheera but you can add almonds or any dryfruits of your choice. 

That's it, our Sweet Rava Sheera is ready, Serve it hot topped with some more dryfruits, Enjoy!!

Happy Cooking!!


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