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Sanjori - Rava Sheera Paratha - Sweet Paratha - Semolina Pudding Stuffed Indian Flabread

Sanjori is a Sweet Paratha (Indian flatbread) that is stuffed with Rava Sheera (Semolina Pudding). Its a Popular Maharashtrian dish and is similar to our regular paratha, the only difference is that of stuffing which is sweet as opposed to the savory kind.  It can be served for breakfast or as a snack with some Ghee applied on it. This recipe is definitely not for those watching their weight but having said that once in a while a small portion definitely doesn't hurt :)

I find this recipe as a great way to use leftover Rava Sheera (Sooji Halwa). Although I prefer making Sanjori using Leftover Rava Sheera you can also make it with fresh one. My Mom makes the coating/dough using whole wheat flour and I follow the same. But you can also use all purpose flour or a mix of wheat and all purpose flour,choice is yours. 

Now to the recipe: 

For Whole wheat flour dough: 
Refer to the Mooli Paratha Recipe for step by step instructions - Click Here for Recipe
Some Dry Wheat Flour for rolling 
Some Ghee for roasting

For Filling: 
1 cup Rava Sheera - For step by step instructions  - Click Here for Recipe

Take the Sheera in a microwave safe bowl and warm it slightly. For a smoother looking Sanjori remove the dryfruits chunks (optional step). Now divide the Sheera into 4 equal balls. Similarly take equal sized Wheat flour dough balls. 

Now take one dough ball at a time. Take one portion of the dough and roll it into a 4" diameter circle using rolling pin and some dry wheat flour. Apply some ghee at the center of this circle and place 1 sheera ball as stuffing on it. Bring all the ends together and seal tightly. If there is some additional dough at the peak after sealing, remove it. 

Flatten the stuffed dough ball. Dip the stuffed dough ball into the wheat flour and keeping the joined ends part facing upwards roll it into 6" diameter circle. Use wheat flour to roll as required. Heat a flat tava (griddle) on medium heat, once hot put this rolled Sanjori on it. 

Cook for about a minute and then flip. While the other side is cooking, apply some ghee on the side facing up. Again flip and cook the side with ghee till its well done and golden in color with brown spots. Repeat the process for other side too. Once both sides are well cooked remove from griddle on a tissue paper lined plate/casserole. Repeat the entire process to make remaining dough balls.

  • You can make this recipe using fresh or leftover Rava Sheera/Sooji Halwa
  • Using whole wheat flour, All purpose flour or a mix of both for the covering is totally your choice. 
  • You can store the leftover Sanjori in an aluminium foil or airtight container for upto a day or two in the refrigerator. For serving/eating, warm it in a microwave or a flat griddle.

That's it, our Sanjori is ready. Serve it hot with Homemade Ghee slathered on topEnjoy!!
Happy Cooking!!


  1. parathas are new kind to me and this will serve best as kids delight..yummy!

  2. Lovely recipe Shweta! How come I never knew about this? We have something similar for breakfast but its called Halwa Puri, like Sooji halwa stuffed in a puri. and thats delish !! This one seems a bit more healthy than that since it has less oil.

    Neverthless, Sooji halwa in anything will be equally good... ! :)


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