Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Til Gul - Til Gud Ladoo - Sesame Seeds and Jaggery Balls

Til Gul/Til Gud Ladoos are crunchy sweet balls made of sesame seeds and jaggery. These goodies are usually made during a Hindu festival celebrated in India called Makar Sankranti which falls on 14th January every year.  Its also known as the harvest festival. As per Maharashtrian tradition, these Til Gul Ladoo along with multicolored sugar coated granules are exchanged with friends and family  with a greeting "Til Gul Ghya, God God Bola!" This means : like these sweet goodies always speak good and sweet words for each other. Happy Makar Sankrant to All!! 

The most basic recipe for theses ladoos calls for roasted sesame seeds and peanuts mixed into a hot/liquid jaggery and rolled these into balls while the mixture is still hot. But you can also add some dry fruits, and roasted dry coconut flakes for additional flavor and crunch. The recipe for these ladoos is really simple. The tricky part is making/rolling them into balls which requires some practice and patience. You need to roll the balls when the jaggery is hot as once its cools it will solidify making it difficult to roll them. Believe me the sesame seed and jaggery mixture turns cold super fast. So its best to make these when you have some helping hands like friends and family who can take part in rolling process. As kids, when Mom made these ladoos at home, Grandmom, mom, me and my sis we all would join in for making ladoos.  Mom and granny would handle the hot mixture roll them to rough balls and pass them to us for making the perfect balls.We really enjoyed making them and being part of this process. 

If for some reason you think the mixture is turning cold and you wont be able to roll them just spread an even layer on a plate, cut it in triangles and let them set/solidify. You can enjoy Til Chikki (brittles) instead of ladoos. 

Now to the recipe... 

Ingredients :
1 cup Til (white sesame seeds)
1/2 heaped cup of Gud (jaggery)
1/4 cup roasted peanuts (roughly crushed)
2 tbsp cashew (roughly crushed)
1 tbsp daale (optional)
pinch of cardamom powder
2 tbsp ghee (Clarified butter)
bowl of cold water


In a pan roast the sesame seeds on medium heat until slightly golden (around 5-7 mins). Remove in a clean dry vessel and keep aside. Now roast the daale until slightly golden and remove in the same vessel as sesame seeds. To the sesame seeds and daale now add roasted peanuts, cashews and cardamom powder and give it a mix. Keep this mixture ready. 

Now in the same pan melt the ghee and add the jaggery to it. Keep mixing on medium low until the jaggery has completely melted and is bubbling. Now using a spoon drop a portion of the melted jagerry in the bowl of cold water. Touch and see if it forms a ball and hardens. If so your jaggery is ready. turn the gas to low and start adding the mixture slowly and mixing simultaneously. Once all has been well incorporated start rolling the balls by taking small portions at a time. Apply some ghee to your palms and then roll. Caution the jaggery is hot so be careful not to hurt/burn your self. 

  • Along with cashews you can add other dryfruits like crushed almonds, raisin etc. 
  • Some like to add dry coconut flakes too. Just make sure to roast the coconut before adding it to the mixture. 
  • The Til and Gul mixture has to be rolled into balls when the jaggery is hot. If or some reasons you cannot roll it, spread an even layer on a flat plate, cut in squares or triangles and allow it to set/solidify. Then transfer to airtight container and enjoy some chikki/brittle instead of ladoo. 

That's it, our crunchy Sesame seeds and Jaggery Ladoo  - Til Gul are ready.  Exchange these with your friends and family with a greeting "Til Gul Ghya, God God Bola". Enjoy!! 

Happy Cooking!!


  1. I just love the first pic Shwetha. Beautifully shot. Wish u a very happy Sankranthi :)

  2. super delicious,perfect for the weather too..yummy clicks :)

  3. what a shot and great recipe. Happy makar snakranti


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