Saturday, May 28, 2016

Orange Spritzer

Orange Spritzer is a super easy and refreshing non-alcoholic drink that will keep you wanting for more with every sip. Its the perfect blend of Juice and Fizz with the right balance of tart and sweet. This Citrusy refreshing drink is surely a must haves for parties and picnics. 

Spritzers are usually made of wine and carbonated or sparkling water. In Non-alcoholic ones, the wine is replaced with juice instead. You can make this drink as simple as Orange juice and sparkling water Or make the flavors intense by mixing a few drinks like I did for this recipe.  

For this recipe, I have mixed Orange juice, some lemonade, lemon-lime flavored soft drink and some sparkling water. I personally like the tart taste that the lemonade adds and a hint of sweetness and fizz from lemon-lime flavored soft drink. The proportions mentioned can be adjusted to your taste. 

I made this drink for my Daughters's 3rd Birthday celebration and I got so many compliments for it. Many loved the fact that it was not that aerated and yet had the fizz. People like me who are not too much into aerated drinks or even otherwise are surely going to love this citrusy drink. 

Now to the recipe... 

Ingredients :
4 cups orange juice
2 cups lemonade
2 cup lemon-lime flavored soft drink (used sprite)
2- 3 cups sparkling water
1/2 tsp salt (optional)
few slices of lemon and oranges
mint for garnish 
Ice as required

In a large pitcher, add the orange juice, lemonade, salt and give it a mix. When ready to serve add the sprite and sparkling water. Add a few lemon and orange slices to the pitcher leaving a few for garnishing. Add ice into glass and pour the drink into the glass and garnish each one with lemon, orange slice and finally top it with some mint leaves. 

That's it, our perfectly refreshing and citrusy Orange Spritzer is ready! Enjoy!

Stay Hydrated 


  1. Refreshing and awesome drink for this summer

  2. This looks so awesome Shweta! I absolutely love the overhead shots you have taken. though its a simple drink, it looks so inviting and I am tempted to try it.


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