Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Virgin Mojito

Hi Everyone, hope you all are doing great! Sorry about the long absence from this space. Travel and personal commitments took preference and hence couldn't spend much time blogging. Although you didn't see much here I promise I've been cooking, also tried some new dishes which am super excited to share with you all (hopefully soon). During the absence here I've been pretty active on Instagram (shwetainthekitchen) and Snapchat (shwetainkitchen) sharing some snippets of our day to day eats, so if you would like to see that don't forget to follow me there. 

For today's post I'm sharing this refreshing non-alcoholic drink called Virgin Mojito. This classic mocktail is a great recipe for parties and entertaining since everyone can enjoy it plus is super simple to make. 

Most of you may have heard of cocktail Mojito which is an alcohol based drink made of mint leaves, lemon juice and sweetened with sugar. The non-alcoholic version of this drink is known as Virgin Mojito. The base ingredients remain the same that is mint leaves and lemon juice but the alcohol gets replaced with a bubbling drink like club soda, sprite or simply sparkling water.

The combination of flavors from the tangy lime, the sweetness from sugar syrup and the freshness from mint is ultimate game changer. Just One sip...and you will know what I'm saying. If you haven't tried this drink yet you are surely missing out. 

Now to the recipe...

Ingredients:  (Serves 1)
1 tbsp lime juice (or to taste)
1 tbsp simple syrup or honey (or to taste)
10-12 mint leaves
1/2 lime (sliced)
Ice (as required) 
Club soda, sprite , sparkling water or ginger ale (as required)
Muddler (Or large wooden spoon) and glass of choice

In a tall serving glass add the lime juice, simple syrup, half of the lime slices and mint leaves and muddle/crush using the muddler (or use back of the large wooden spoon). Muddle only for 10 seconds or so such that the mint releases its essential oils. Don't over do it as it will make the mint taste bitter and your drink may taste unpleasant. Now fill your glass with ice and top with your choice of bubbling drink like club soda, sparkling water, sprite or ginger ale. Garnish with lemon slices and mint leaves and serve immediately. 

  • Adjust the sweetness and tartness to your liking. 
  • The choice of drink (Club soda, sprite , sparkling water or ginger ale) you use will change the way your Mojito tastes. But all these are great combinations and finally comes down to what you like and have available. 

That's it, our refreshing non-alcoholic mocktail Virgin Mojito is ready! Serve it fresh and chilled. Enjoy!

Happy Sipping!

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