Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tropical Parfait - Tropical Granola Parfait

Its Sprinnnngggg  (Yay!!!) but with the temperatures here touching 80F, it already feels like summer. A cool refreshing snack is what we crave for especially after work or school. At such times, a chilled Smoothie or a glass of parfait fits the bill perfectly. 

Parfait is a dessert or snack made with layers usually icecream (or yogurt or whipped cream), fruits and nuts. There are different types of parfaits's like dessert parfait or breakfast parfaits which are getting very popular these days as they are healthy and satiating. For today's post I'm sharing a breakfast and snack parfait made of yogurt, fruit and granola which we have been loving these days - Tropical Parfait

I call it a Tropical Parfait because it consists of layers of coconut yogurt, my Coconut Cardamom Granola and some tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, kiwi, strawberries. Need I say its healthy, refreshing, delicious and bursting with flavors. 

Last year I tried coconut yogurt for the very first time and have been loving it every since so for this recipe I've have used coconut flavor yogurt since its fits the whole tropical theme of this parfait but you could easily replace it with yogurt and flavor of your choice. This is a very flexible recipe where you can replace each and every ingredient to your choice be it fruits, the yogurt flavor or the type of granola. Proportions given are for guidance and there is no right or wrong when making such a healthy and tasty treat so add or replace ingredients to your choice and availability but make it for sure. 

Kids love when they can make their own parfait bowls so its a good idea to lay out all the ingredients and let them assemble their parfaits to their choice. That way they tend to atleast try it and once they do they are sure going to love it. 

Now to the recipe...

Ingredients (Serves 2)
1/2 cup diced pineapple bite size pieces
3-4 strawberries cut in bite size pieces
1 kiwi skin removed and cut in bite size pieces
1 mango cut in bite size pieces
10 oz (1.25 cups) of Coconut Yogurt (or any yogurt of your choice)
1/2 cup of granola (using the Coconut Cardamom Granola)
2 tbsp of sweetened shredded coconut
Honey or agave syrup or maple syrup to taste (optional)

First mix the fruits into one bowl and have that ready. Next toast the sweetened shredded coconut in microwave for 3 mins stirring at 1 min interval (time may vary based on the type of microwave so keep a close watch). When ready to serve take 2 serving glasses or bowls (clear ones better since it makes it look even more appealing).

For the bottom layer, add 4 tbsp of yogurt to both the glasses. Then add 2 tbsp of granola and 2-3 tbsp of mixed fruits. Repeat the yogurt, granola and fruits to form another layer. Top off with 2 tbsp of yogurt and granola and last but not least shredded coconut. Drizzle some honey on it before serving (optional).

That's it, our healthy and tasty Tropical Parfait is ready! Serve it for breakfast or as a snack, Enjoy!

If you love Tropical flavors, then you should try this healthy and refreshing Tropical Smoothie 

Happy Snacking!


  1. this yummy parfait makes me wish I was on a tropical island some where with the sun shining down on me! Love all the fresh fruit :)


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